Linear Jet Plasma Source [LJPS®]

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Linear Jet Plasma Source [LJPS®]

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LJPS(Linear Jet plasma Source) id a novel atmospheric plasma source developed by palsmapp Co.,Ltd.
The palsma surface treatment is considered as a key poccess in manufacturing Li-ion battery,since the treatment can enhance and control adhesion strenght of separartor film.
The LJPS provide innovative plasma treatment solution with high spatial uniformity and process stability

LJPS for remote and direct plasma surface treatment
LJPS for selective treatment (Spatial resolution : less than 1mm)
Stable glow plasma discharge by pre-discharge
Compact design for better used of space
Low temperature operation (Max. temperature : 50%)
High spatial uniformity (Non-uniformity : 3%)
High performance for enhancing adhesion strenth of about 20%
Improved hydrophilicity of the surface

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